Ughh I feel like I just got ran over by a truck.I’m going to Abunaicon within in an hour, I’ll be gone for the weekend.

Later, nerds. <3 I shall return with lots of pictures!





Fudge recipe on a headstone

I feel like I should make this just to be able to say a dead person taught me how to make it. Maybe I’ll do it for Halloween.

I desperately hope that she spent her entire life telling people that they could have her fudge recipe “over my dead body.”

That last comment is absolutely worth reblogging.



Say hello to my little friends!



akasxna asked: men are assholes you are perfect and you and your bf are adorable that is all [/ long lost friend out]

men aren’t assholes, this one guy was. It’s understandable if somebody is dissapointed or anything, but I don’t desreve to be thrown aside. His intentions were not clear, and I’m not fucking stupid.

Thank you <3 Also, I really miss you.

cheeksweets replied to your post “cheeksweets replied to your post “funny how a guy shows interest in…”

so you give every random dude your fb? Dude I’m sorry but I have convo’s with people too and I DO have alternative motives. If a guy was THAT nice and gave me his FB I’d have thought something of it. And would also be disappointed as hell.

You weren’t even there. You don’t even know how our conversation went, so I don’t think it’s your place to judge me. I’ve had other guys adding me to fb as well to be friends only.

I sure as hell don’t deserve some snibby ass comment and to be ignored after having a normal conversation about common interests. This is the typical kind of friendzone behaviour I hate and I thought you did too.

I thought it seemed pretty obvious, and I haven’t even taken part in the conversation, Lel

Like I said, I didn’t see any other intentions from him. I usually see them, but I didn’t this time.

Geez, is it really that stupid of me to not expect a guy to want something from me other than friendship? I’ve met tons of guys showing interest in me and wanting to be friends. I don’t see how this guy is any different.

cheeksweets replied to your post “funny how a guy shows interest in me, talks to me on the station and…”

..Dude I;m sorry but you even gave him your fb and you don’t think he thought “oh nice girl she might want to date me?” of course he’d be disappointed as hell to find out you have a bf and think “whelp can’t be too flirty, she’s spoken for”.

Uh, no. Hell fucking no.

Sorry dude, but no. Not after having a long talk without him giving any signals other than being friends. After finding out I have a boyfriend he got snibby.

But okay, it’s probably my fault for being a girl talking to a guy and expecting him for once not to try to get in my pants. My mistake.

perpetualhatemachine replied to your post “funny how a guy shows interest in me, talks to me on the station and…”

>Shows intrest >Adds you on FB >Clear motives Lel

Lel, not really. He seemed like a fun guy and we had a nice conversation, it was cool. But he wasn’t so cool anymore upon finding out about my boyfriend.

So nope, his intetions were not that clear. I assumed I could talk to a dude without him having intentions aother than be friends.  My mistake, I guess.

Anonymous asked: not every man who interacts with you wants to be your boyfriend

No shit, sherlock. I expected something else, but he clearly had other intentions.

Who pissed in your coffee this morning?

funny how a guy shows interest in me, talks to me on the station and later on facebook, only to completely change his tone upon finding out I have a boyfriend.


wasting all your energy on lineart so the coloring is shit


Mask is done, yas.



This gif is the meaning of the word “yas”

When your friend does a presentation in class.